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    My son was diagnosed with a right hemiparesis as a sequel to a cerebral palsy he had since birth, he is already 7 years old, and thanks to the treatment of Dr. Eduardo Jahn in just one month I have observed the following improvement: Fast catch, he responds quickly, and is very lively. His language due to hemiparesis is difficult, however, his speaking is more fluid, he manages to pronounce the E, we are working with R … he almost has it! Before of this, a single letter could cost us months and months. He speaks better. The physiotherapist is surprised with the advances. His sleep is calmer, he no longer wakes up, nor does he cry sleeping as he used to. He does not come to my room anymore, he sleeps without interruptions. He does not sleep more, only that his sleep is of a better quality, he no longer grinds his teeth with so much intensity or frequency.

    Thank you, Doctor

    Arelis Ramirez Venezuela 20/04/2017