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    I met Dr. Eduardo Jahn HAPPILY 10 years ago listening to him on a radio show. A friend and I both with strong problems of addiction to anxiolytics, we visited SOMETIMES any doctor who was recommended to us. My friend told me:  “I’m going to Dr. Jahn’s office first and then I’ll tell you”.

    Well yes, she did her benzodiazepine detoxification treatment with Dr. Eduardo Jahn and was amazed. I had been visiting neurologists and psychiatrists for 15 years because of panic problems that were disabling. I took several medicines and every day I felt worse. With the treatment of Dr. Eduardo Jahn, I managed to stop taking 3 tranquilizer pills and, with his help, I managed to overcome the difficult withdrawal syndrome.

    Thank God I met Dr. Jahn! My life changed completely, I felt happy and very grateful. He is still my trusted doctor and I have recommended him to several relatives and friends who then called me to thank me.

    When I visit Dr. Eduardo Jahn, now only very occasionally, because I feel good, I say these words: “Doctor, in my life after God there is you” and I give you a thousand thanks for the miracle you did in my life and my health.

    Rosalia Pereira 02/09/2017