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    While being at the university I was diagnosed Rectal Ulcerative Colitis and I was hospitalized in 2 opportunities with very strong crises that took me to weighing 39kg.

    Tired that all the gastroenterologists I came tomade colonoscopies, a very invasive and expensive treatment; my mother went to Dr. Eduardo Jahn and he promised to cure me. It was so, I was asymptomatic for 8 years and with a treatment that increased or decreased as required, but very little invasive and very simple, without diets or anything. Moreover, for the first time in my life I knew what it was to take care of what I ate, but more so I did not get too fat than for health.

    My husband made at least one trip to the emergency room for migraines every month and, after seeing Jahn, he may have, if any, one episode a year and he gets to relieve it by just taking a pill.

    Our life has improved a lot since we have more health, a better quality of sleep and a better humor; we are no longer so irritable and we understand in depth what triggers crisis to each one of us. We know how our body reacts to certain external stimuli, which helps us to prevent and be alert when we notice the first symptoms.

    I have become your ambassador, everywhere I go I recommend you and more now that you are at a distance of a click. I am very grateful to you.

    The Ambassador

    Carolina Rivero 02/09/2017